Euro-Encounter 2017-accomodation information

On August 4-6 August 2017 CEPI presents the second Euro-Encounter @ Haute-Ville in Puget Ville

Accommodation August 2017

Following is a list of hotels in the vicinity to the Encounter.

There is also the possibility of "Improvised Camping". For those who would prefer it is possible to pitch a tent for sleeping, with access to showers and toilets in proximity to the event, free of charge. We can not provide tents or other necessities for camping. You must bring your own.

For those attendees staying in hotels or other lodgins they have found we will have a shuttle service, first thing in the morning and at the day's end to and from your hotel.

For those choosing to camp please send a text message accordingly. +33(0)6-4502-9840 -


  • Pugetvilla - B&B in Puget-Ville - 1076 rue de la Libération. You can find their advertisement via Google by entering Pugetvilla. Website is not happening so far. 60 Euros single - Quality is medium. Tel. +33(0)8-9934-4437
  • La Tuilière - Special hotel with various different exotic accommodations. Expensive but fun. RD 97, 83660 Carnoules. Located just at the outskirts of Puget-Ville - - +33(0)4-9448-3239
  • Fasthotel Toulon Cuers, located 5 kms from Puget-Ville - - 47 Euros single - 967 Avenue des Bousquets, 83390 Cuers - Tel.+33 (0)4 94 28 02 02 - A commercial chain hotel, small rooms but inexpensive.
  • Le CastelFleuri - - 60 Euros single -  Tel. +33 (0)4 94 28 38 01- A very nice hotel next to the train station in Carnoules, 5 km from Puget-Ville - 24 Espace du 25 mai 1944, 83660 Carnoules. Trains connecting to Toulon, Marseille and Nice. Email direct <demougeot.françThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
  • Le Kouros - - 80 Euros on up -Tel. +33 (0)4 94 66 69 25 - ZAC les defens, Impasse des Roitelets, 83390 Cuers. Quite nice hotel but a bit expensive.